A service 20 years in the making

Back in 2000/01 I was both surprised and absolutely chuffed to be presented with a framed copy of a cricket scorecard from a game where I had made a big century. This memento, organised by my teammates, also contained a photo and a brief story about the day, which made it even more special.

Over the last 20 years I’ve returned the favour to others, manually recreating scorecards for centuries made at the two main clubs I’ve played for. However, the time and effort involved in reverse engineering scorecards (that often didn’t add up!) into the ball by ball data meant that I was unable to do this for every century. 

I’ve always wanted to extend and expand this service to both bowling achievements and clubs other than my own. Courtesy of improved data quality and availability, along with improvements in image generation technology, this germ of an idea has now become reality at Ball By Ball.

I hope you enjoy your personalised memento as much as I enjoyed the one created for me all those years ago.

Ball By Ball

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Ball By Ball proudly supports the Sandy Creek Cricket Club in the Barossa and Light Cricket Association. Go the mighty Cockatoos!

Many thanks to all the Sandy Creek cricketers who have allowed us to showcase their scorecards as examples of Ball By Ball output.