With batting scorecards you have a choice of up to two batters to highlight. With the selected individuals, their deliveries faced and runs scored are highlighted in different colours in the batting detail, batting summary, over by over scores, partnerships and bowling detail.


For bowling achievements, the selected bowler has every delivery and dismissal highlighted in the batting detail, batting summary, over by over scores, bowling detail and bowling summary. Hat tricks can be separately highlighted too, if applicable.

Standard Scorecard

A standard scorecard from Ball By Ball is a high definition A3 sized image comprising the batting or bowling scorecard with a heading and a club logo.

Comprehensive Scorecard

The comprehensive scorecard option is a high definition A3 sized image with the batting or bowling scorecard left or right aligned with the heading and club logo at the top and the remaining space filled with photos of the player and/or a spiel about their achievement.


What better way to celebrate winning a flag than a memento with a photograph and the scorecard!

Unlike the batting and bowling mementos, ball by ball data files aren’t needed for premiership mementos.

Delivery formats

Once you have paid for your order, a draft image will be emailed to your contact email address. After you have reviewed and approved the draft, you will be emailed the final high definition (300 dpi) file in .pdf format for the standard or comprehensive scorecard options, or .png image format for the scorecard only option.

In addition, you may choose to purchase a copy (or multiple copies) on high quality 170gsm A3 silk paper and for additional fee the print copies can be framed as well.

Example Files

Click on the links for full sized actual examples of each type of scorecard output from real scorecards of achievements by Sandy Creek cricketers.

Click on the below links for full size example files:

Examples for all scorecard font options are available here, and examples of the heading font options for standard and comprehensive scorecards are available here.


If your question isn’t covered below, please contact us.

Yes. This is the cheapest, simplest and quickest delivery option. The final image will be emailed to you in a high definition format (300dpi) suitable for personal or commercial printing. 

By taking the file to Officeworks on a USB stick, or emailing it to your local Officeworks, you can have your scorecard printed on quality A3 silk paper for under $2!

Maybe, but it will cost a lot more. If you don’t have the ball by ball data, you can email through photos of each aspect of the scorecard in the scorebook and Ball By Ball can provide a customised quote to “reverse engineer” the ball by ball data from the scorecard. Depending on the number of overs bowled, the complexity of the analysis and the neatness of the scorecard (including whether the batting and bowling add up) this will add between $150 and $300 to the overall price of your memento. And the accuracy won’t be 100% guaranteed, especially in scenarios with lots of byes and leg byes or unusual dismissals (like batsmen run out attempting a second or third run).

You can do this, however the mycricket data file format is preferred and recommended. If supplying data in a different format it must have the bare minimum information required to reconstruct the scorecard, i.e. over number, ball number, bowler name, facing batsman, result of ball (including the name of the dismissed batsman if a dismissal occurs). Additional details will obviously help further.

Ball by Ball doesn’t guarantee that we will be able to use non-standard data files, so if you are unsure, please email them through beforehand to check. If you have already paid and Ball by Ball is unable to use your file, you will be entitled to a full refund.

For the “scorecard only” option, the image is a 3720 x 2860 pixel .png image (31.5cm x 24.2cm at 300dpi). This is approximately the same size as the scorecard in a normal scorebook and is also the size used in the standard and comprehensive output options.

For the standard and comprehensive scorecard options, the image is provided as an A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) sized 300dpi .pdf file in CMYK colour format, with a 1cm border on all edges.

This is so it can be easily pasted into a Word document (or a similar program) to create your own memento design. PNG format provides a better quality option than .jpg for images with words and numbers and minimal colours.

Draft image files are approximately 4MB in size. Finalised .png files are between 12 and 13MB in size and finalised .pdf files are 13 to 16MB in size. Real life example output files are available for download from the Services page.

Printed scorecards are provided on 170gsm A3 silk paper.

170gsm paper is approximately twice the thickness of regular printer paper and silk paper has a semi gloss look and feel, similar to that used in magazines. 

The use of quality paper for your scorecard ensures that your memento is visually impressive and will stand the test of time. 

Contact us at for a custom quote or at for any other queries and we’ll be more than happy to assist.