Ball by Ball file instructions

Please note that our website isn’t recommended or endorsed by at all.
However, the mycricket website is normally the easiest location to source a file with the ball by ball data that your club recorded during the game.

The below instructions detail how to retrieve the ball by ball data from a mycricket scorecard in a suitable file format for Ball by Ball to use.

Please ensure that you have permission from your club to use this data before downloading and supplying the file to us.

Step 1 - Navigate to the Scorecard

Go to and navigate to the scorecard for the game you wish to download the ball by ball file for.

Step 2 - Click the Match Statistics link

Check the Balls Faced data is completely available (all batsmen have a number in the BF column) and then click on the Match Statistics link

Step 3 - Choose the Innings

From the drop downs, select the relevant innings and the Ball by Ball display option, then click the Go button.

Step 4 - Check the Data

Double check that the data in the Ball by Ball Summary represents the innings you want to download.

Step 5 - Click the Download link

Scroll to the bottom of the Ball by Ball Summary and click on the Download link.

Step 6 - Choose the TSV file option

Select the “Tab separated values (TSV)” option and click OK. Take note of the location of the saved file, as you will need to upload it during your scorecard purchase.